Hi welcome to my blog “IchhataStyle”.  My name is Ichhata Shrestha (pronounced E-chha-ta) and I’m a Nepali native Beauty and Fashion Blogger currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Beauty for me is a passion and its a passion to be beautiful. It took me a while to start my blog but now here I am to share my fashion, lifestyle and beauty skills with you all.

Talking about how I got into makeup…. Since my childhood days, I used to watch my Mom do makeup on herself. I was fascinated by how makeup enhances a person’s beauty. As every growing up kid who dreamt of being beautiful princess one day, I used to play with my Mom’s makeup and pretend to be one. Initially, I knew basics of makeup. It was my obsession towards beauty products that sprout my passion towards makeup, fashion and style. As I grew up, I started experimenting makeup on myself.

After finishing my bachelor, I went to Philippines to pursue my MBA in business. This was the time when I got into makeup and fashion more than before. I got to know about so many brands which I had never heard before. I used to go to many makeup stores like MAC, BOBBI BROWN, MAKE UP FOREVER, L’OREAL and so on. I was fascinated by the way they applied the makeup when testing out the product. I learned that people have different skin types and every skin needs different kind of products. I was discovering so many things which led me to fall in love with makeup more. I never went to makeup school, didn’t have a chance to go to. I followed make-up artist on youtube, fashion blogger and blogs, instagram pages, new product launches and always been updated with the fashion trends.

Beside makeup and fashion, I love to travel and spend time with my friend and family especially with my husband (Saurav). I love sharing these aspects of my life through photos and videos with you, in hope to inspire you.

“Makeup enhances your beauty but always remember to feel beautiful from within because you are beautiful”

Thank you for checking out my blog!

Love, Ichhata