Is lockdown the only solution? What if the virus lasts more than a year? Will the nation still remain in Lockdown? Where are we going? Does the Government expect people to die with hunger?

Nepal Government never seems to end this Lockdown. My question is WHY? Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. Being a transferable disease, there’s no wonder why it has been a matter of chaos. While most of the countries have implemented proper strategy on Covid-19 exit and have been successful, Nepal has failed.

Nepal government was ahead in implementing Nationwide Lockdown to control the spreading of virus. But, Lockdown has only been the solution for this country. Even there are 1k+ rising cases in other countries, they are opening (with certain precautions). Why not Nepal? Its has been 70+ days that our country has been enforced to Stay At Home, not realizing that this has been more pandemic than the virus itself. The government have failed to implement proper facilities. They have failed to provide support to the citizens. That have failed to help the people in need. They have failed to help the immigrant workers in the border. People are now more scared of dying with hunger rather than the Virus itself. People are suffering from mental illness and financial crisis and thus committed suicide.

Thinking of lockdown as a only solution is so STUPID. No proper testing! No proper quarantine facilities! No support! No fund! If the government doesn’t do something, people will suffer from mental health problems for years after this pandemic. The government have only focused on containing the spread of the virus. At this time, the government must think about other realistic problem like mental health and financial issues.

According to My Repulica, “The data compiled by the Nepal Police shows that suicide cases across the country have increased by a staggering 20 percent, which mental health experts say have connection to the global pandemic. They also predict a ‘grim situation’ after the pandemic, as the rate of mental health illness is expected to see a significant rise. In the first month of the nationwide lockdown, a total of 487 people committed suicide. The number is 20 percent more in comparison to the month of Falgun (mid-February to mid-March), when the number stood at 410.”

People should not die of Coronavirus but they can die of hunger and mental illness. Is that they want? The government needs to come up with new lockdown modality. The government must think before it’s too late!

I also feel there is not enough awareness from Nepal strong personalities. There are many strong personalities (with 100k+ followers) having an ability to influence. Social Media being a powerful platform can raise awareness in so many ways. So, why not use this platform?

Businesses have to pay bank loan interest. People are losing their job but have to pay tax. People are dying of hunger. People are suffering from mental illness. Mental health, Starvation and Financial Criss is more dangerous than the virus. Our government have no plan, no strategy. The only thing they can do is extend the Lockdown. We can at least be a medium, raise our voice and give them pressure. This is enough! Coronavirus is not going away soon. We should learn to live with the virus. We should be in charge of our own safety. People are going to die with Corona or hunger or by the nature of death.


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